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Somnia….means sleep. It is derived from the Latin word meaning dreams. At Somnia, we know that there is not one-size-fits all for sleep. Just like your dreams, sleep is personal. It is individual. And so is insomnia. Or sleeplessness. It can be caused by many things. There may be one thing or several factors contributing to less than good sleep.

We set out to bring together THE BEST sleep products in the world to help you get your best nights sleep.

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It seems as though I am not alone on this one…SLEEP
…or the lack of it.

For too many of us, SLEEP has become a much dreaded five letter word. I was surprised — and equally comforted to know that many women — like myself — are battling with the frustration of not getting a good night’s sleep.

For a bit of background, let me introduce myself. In fact,
it may sound like a familiar story.

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